Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a service provided by Attention, Learning & Developmental Services that facilitates the development of executive functioning (EF) skills in students.

During the school year, academic coaching is usually provided in the student’s home. However, those who are interested in participating in academic coaching as well as attending the Actknowledge summer program, can work with coaches on site at Rolling Hills Prep either before or after class. Additionally, individuals enrolled in Actknowledge who plan to work with an academic coach, while attending the program, will receive a discount on Actknowledge tuition. 

What is Executive Functioning (EF)

Well, it sounds like the name - imagine the executive of a company, this person assesses and ‘executes’ the tasks necessary to keep a business running, such as planning and prioritizing appropriately to delegating tasks to the right people. The same operation happens in the brain, but the “executive” is the frontal lobe. Executive functioning is the ability of an individual to execute tasks related to eleven different cognitive skills, such as planning, organization, task initiation, attention, and emotion regulation. Those with AD/HD most commonly struggle in these areas. However, as these skills are developmental in nature, most students need help refining their executive functioning skills to be successful students.

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Coaching this Summer while enrolled in Actknowledge

The coach will work with your child on building EF skills essential for success during the school year.  This may include ways to organize his/her thoughts and materials, improve time management, increase sustained attention, and break down tasks into sequential steps.  The coach will use the student’s Actknowledge project, school-assigned academic work, or customized activities (Math, Reading Comprehension, and Writing) to facilitate the development of these skills. 

Since Actknowledge is a highly customizable program, we will create a coaching curriculum that is also tailored to the student’s needs and interest. Some examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Writing a research paper related to content learned
  • Developing study skills by creating study materials and taking quizzes based on content learned throughout the program
  • Taking on more tasks and a more prominent leadership role in the effort to raise funds and collect items for service organizations

Coaching year-round

During the school year, coaching sessions are held two or three times a week so that the student can remain current on all assignments.  The academic coach will work with your child on organizing self and materials, improving time management skills, and developing more effective study strategies when preparing for tests and exams. The coach will also use the student’s current academic work to facilitate development.  Key academic areas that are often addressed through coaching include reading comprehension, mathematics, and written expression. Very often, the coach acts as a liaison between the student and the school, facilitates communication between all service providers, and attends school-based planning meetings as needed.

To learn more about having your child or teen work with an Academic coach, simply click the link below or call Dr. Nancy Muirhead or Dr. Kaycie Deane at Attention, Learning & Developmental Services.

Office Phone: (310) 378–6154