Membership Overview



Included Services

  • Actees will be notified of service opportunities within the area once a month
  • We assist Actees with scheduling for events they choose to attend
  • Actees will be reminded about attending events and details
  • We track attended events, hours, and assist will all necessary paperwork
  • We will provide easy-to-use blurbs about events for college applications
  • Actees will be offered the chance to learn, explore and express their thoughts related to the issues that impact our communities once a month in optional meetups
  • Actees with be notified about upcoming seminars
  • Actees will be given one Taskit academic planner for the year


Once a month we will highlight one issue or ideas in ethics related to service events. For instance, if some of the events are related to ecology, such as beach clean-ups or planting native gardens, we will discus ecology, environmental ethics and ways we can help our environment. Actees will then have a chance to share their insights, experiences, and ideas on how to help the issue at hand. 


Awards and Seminars


We believe that academic interest and volunteer work should be awarded and have created awards to recognize exceptional Actees in the program. 

The Social Justice Merit Award - Awarded to Actees that accumulate between 60-99 hours of service throughout the year. 

The Scholar Award for Scholarship & Service -Awarded to Actees that attend all Meetups and at least one service event every month. 

The Presidential Service Award - Awarded to Actees that accumulate 100 hours (or more) of service throughout the year.


Actknowlegde aims to create a community of scholars and high achievers to help facilitate  such efforts, we offer optional Seminars. Here are a few that can be expected. 

  • Using Linkedin
  • Using social media for social justice
  • College readiness
  • Interviewing for your first job
  • Managing your time
  • Writing a research paper
  • Paper organization and thesis building
  • College applications demystified

Enrollment begins August 1st, 2018 - "Act year-round" begins October 1st, 2018 - Check back for details!