Program Overview

     How did you learn to drive? Did you read the DMV booklet, and know what to do? Or did you get in the car with someone, connect with them, the car, and figure it out? We learn by doing-simple as that, but why don’t we teach that way? Why do we needlessly overload our students with numbers, reading, and assignments that only stress and rarely teach? And most importantly, why are we boring and isolating our children? What if I told you that your child could learn the value of service, get involved in their community, learn about science, ethics, history, and literature without even knowing it? Welcome to Acknowledge, where students ACT to know.

 Oxford Learning on  Summer Learning Loss

 Oxford Learning on Summer Learning Loss


We know the school year is stressful for most families and many students want a ‘break’ over the summer. But, taking a full break for almost anything remotely academic is one the worst decisions any student can make for their learning. Why? Well, ever take a break from performing any one skill for even a few weeks and come back? What happens? We forget how to do the simplest tasks, and we take longer to complete work than before the break. The same phenomenon occurs when students stop doing anything academic, and it’s even more impactful for students as young minds are in a constant state of growth and development. Nevertheless, we believe learning can be stress-free, manageable, and fun! 



We know that ideas are best understood when paired with emotion and hands-on experience. It makes sense! we pay attention and respond more to experiences that grab our attention and create a personal attachment, for many, it is why we learn better by “doing” and care more about topics we have a personal connection to - yet, we rarely teach with such in mind.

Additionally, we believe that learning should not be limited to strict, subject-based academics such as math, science, and humanities, but should also encompass sentiment, morality, perspective, ethics and a sense of self. Unfortunately, most education lacks depth beyond the theoretical and forces students to embrace competition over compassion; further isolating themselves from their community. Thus, we incorporate community service into our program not only to facilitate more efficient and meaningful content learning, but also, to give students a chance to have an experience that will stay with them and tie them to their community forever.  


Teamwork is crucial for our program not only for successful service events, but also to learn. As students collaborate to help shape and change our community, they also learn, discuss, and experience together to think more critically about topics of focus. Further, we emphasize TEAMwork as essential to success not only within a group but in oneself in any venture.

TEAMwork is the Time to do it, Energy to sustain it, Action to start it, and Modifying our plans the whole way to make it work! We use TEAMwork through discussion as well as teaching motivational tactics, executive function skill building, and various organizational methods help to keep us on task.