Our Approach

      To get Act-ees engaged, efficiently learning, and prepared for the new school year, we incorporate the views and ideas of Common Core, service-learning, and universal design for learning. With “Main idea Monday’s” and “Tell Me about it Tuesdays,” students learn how to distill the main idea, and identify relevant support. While “Work on it Wednesdays,” and our "plan it out" blocks, allow Act-ees the opportunity to fine-tune their executive functioning and academic skills as students complete independent projects. On “Total it up Thursdays,” Act-ees further improve critical thinking skills applied to 'real world scenarios' as they work on ideas to raise money for donation and experience, first-hand, the difference between giving time and giving money. 


Executive Functioning (EF) Skill Building

Actknowledge embeds EF skill building into our curriculum with lessons designed to teach study skills transferable to the school year as well as scheduled planning blocks and specialized planners for next-day and ‘service-day’ planning. Additionally, we assist Act-ees with identifying and knowing how to complete tasks efficiently, and when to ask for help.


Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Universal Design for learning is a method of providing multiple formats for students to access and demonstrate knowledge. UDL focuses on the idea that we all learn differently, but we learn best when we are interested and have various methods to discover and showcase our understanding. 

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 Common Core

We integrate key tenets of Common Core into our program so students are better prepared when classes resume. Common Core demands that students become more proficient in identifying the main idea and credible research, as well as supporting their views with compelling evidence. With “Main idea Monday’s” and “Tell Me about it Tuesdays,” students improve and maintain these skills.