Who is it for?

Actknowledge is a highly specialized program designed to accommodate most individual's schedules, summer goals, and abilities. However, we think our program is ideal for students in upper elementary through graduated seniors on their way to college. Since our program is individualized for each student, ( or as we call them 'Act-ees'), we assess each Act-ee and meet with families before the program begins to help build a curriculum tailored towards that Act-ee's needs and interests.

Dates:  July 9th - August 18th, 2018  (we offer one week at a time)

Location: Rolling Hills Prep 

This year Actknowledge is proud to be hosting our summer program at Rolling Hills Prep, as RHP embodies the values of Actknowledge through their pillars of disciplined minds, sound character, healthy bodies, and creative spirits as well as their dedication to environmentalism and service through their green campus and service learning initiatives. For more information about Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance school for Arts and Sciences, click below.

  We offer classes (limited to 4-6 Act-ees) that run at two different times a day on site.  On Fridays,   Act-ees meet at the location where they will be doing community service for the day.

 We offer classes (limited to 4-6 Act-ees) that run at two different times a day on site. On Fridays,  Act-ees meet at the location where they will be doing community service for the day.

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Weekly Lessons 

We believe learning should be interactive, fun, and engaging. Equally as important to us is learning that is specifically tailored toward a student's abilities and areas of need. Our lessons are individualized and combine the methodologies of universal design learning, active learning, and common core.

Weekly Assignments

Each week Act-ees will complete and share a project based on what we learned. We want Act-ees to share with us in a format geared towards his or her interests, abilities, and also areas of need. Presentation methods may range from summaries and outlines to poems, drawings, collages, songs, video, and whatever else!  

Find more information about our approach and curriculum below. 

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Service Learning  

Service-learning is a teaching method that combines educational lessons with community service. We all have different learning styles, but we all learn better through “doing” and meaningful experience. 

Weekly Service

Act-ees will learn about various groups that are in need and why they need help during weekly lessons. Additionally, Act-ees will learn the value of community service through participating in service events. Such topics include (but not limited to):

Ecology: Local ecosystems - native plants & gardens, oceans, beaches & non-human animals Those in need: Homeless, those with disabilities, mental illness, and those who lack access to quality education

Although most service events will be on Fridays, we will also provide information about other service events in the area and assist Act-ees who want to participate.

**We do not offer transportation to service events but recommend families use HopSkipDrive for pick-up and drop off services